The Way Back (2010)


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    The Way Back (2010) Empty The Way Back (2010)

    Post by sioframay on Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:19 am

    This movie was heart wrenching and fantastic. It is based off of the true story of 3 men who made it from a gulag in Siberia all the way to India during WWII.

    In the beginning you it shows how the main character, Janusz, a polish man, is informed on by his wife who was tortured by the Soviets into giving a false confession. He get's sentenced to 20 years in a gulag in the middle of 500 square miles of... Well, Siberia. Frozen wasteland and forests. He meets some people there, most notably Mr. Smith, an American engineer. Along with a group of other prisoners, some asked to join, some threaten their way in like Russian Valka who owes money to the criminals who run the gulag and doesn't want to lose his head. The others, Voss, Tomasz, Zoran and Kazik, are a mix of eastern European countries.

    The second night out Kazik freezes to death. They end up holed up in a cave for awhile fighting wolves for food before Janusz finally decides to go look for the landmark that is supposed to get them into Mongolia. Janusz find the landmark, Lake Baikal, only 3 days from where they are. Once they get to the lake they noticed they are being followed by Irena, a Polish girl who grew up on the streets of Russia after her parents were sent into a gulag. They initially refuse to take her as they feel she will slow them down and not be able to contribute to the group. She continues to follow until they finally decide to help her.

    Mr. Smith, who's first name we never find out, questions her because he doesn't trust her. She tells him a bs story hoping for sympathy but he catches her lie and calls her out. She never lies to him again. They do make it to Mongolia only for Valka to decide to stay in his homeland, he doesn't mind the gulags he tells them, he just minds dying.

    They soon find that Mongolia under communist control. They cross the Gobi desert and on the way they meet some nomads who Mr.Smith talks to and says they're poor religious pilgrims and they give them a water skin and let them move on. They do run out of water though but just when they think all hope is lost they find a well. This gives them a little extra but before they're out of the desert Irena, who had formed bonds with everyone, passes due to sun stroke. The last person she talks to, and I found this touching, is Mr. Smith who tells her it's ok and then she dies. Later Tomasz also collapses and dies.

    They do make it to the Himalayas and Tibet where a family takes them in and takes care of them for a bit. Mr. Smith decides to go to Lhasa because he believes he has an American contact there while the remaining 3, Janusz, Voss and Zoran make it to India where they ask for a passport then decide better. The men receive the help they need and then a bunch of facts about WWII roll before the credits do.

    Now, what I saved for last is the cast. This amazingly acted film is full of feels. Not warm fuzzy ones either. But I digress, here's a list of the cast.

    Jim Sturgess as Janusz
    Colin Farrell as Valka
    Ed Harris as Mr. Smith
    Saoirse Ronan as Irena Zielińska
    Dragoş Bucur as Zoran
    Gustaf Skarsgård as Voss
    Alexandru Potocean as Tomasz
    Sebastian Urzendowsky as Kozik

    Not all well known, but the ones that are are very well known. Probably my favorite part of the film are the interactions between Irena and Mr. Smith but all around a beautiful film about obtaining the impossibly and the human spirit never giving up.

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