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    Lurker's Bastard D&D Brainstorming for fun Forum

    Post by Admin on Mon Jan 04, 2016 9:23 pm

    General world building:
    Need a setting. Where does the story begin? Are we all in like the Shire or in Space? Why the hell are we there?
    What's with civilization? Are there peasants? I love calling people peasants. Are there Kings? How are criminals punished? Is it basically medieval? Is it less advanced then the civilization before it? What technology do they have?
    Playable races... Who can we be? Where are we from? What are the basic stats, perks and flaws? *Need character sheets*
    Who are the dominant race(s) in our starting area? Assuming we're from elsewhere, how did we end up there?
    Other species... What's around us? Can we ride it? Can we hunt it? Does it hunt us? What are their stats? Are there unicorns? Are they magical? *Need creature sheets?*

    Other shit.... What natural disasters effect us? What is our main method of transportation? Are we just walking and carrying all our shit on our backs? What shit do we start out with?

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    Re: Lurker's Bastard D&D Brainstorming for fun Forum

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